Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Hope You Enjoy!

The finale is here and no one can witness it. I am sitting at my tablet counting down the words until this is done. Something is on the television that does not matter. My love is asleep soundly while I am at work to finish my tiny masterpiece. After this is through, life will continue and I will most likely stay up longer pondering my next move.

I have always lived and died by "sleep is for the weak," but no longer. The more rest I obtain, the better my words come to me without hesitation. I work through nights to finish what I start. Accomplishment for me are all to simple the past couple years. I believe I need to change that in the preceding.

I would I could write more that I would make this flow smoothly, but what is the point. Prose poems all over the place. It is too late to turn this into some haiku, Shakespeare sonnet or ode. I wrote those along the way and I am pleased with how everything turned out. I assure myself that it will all be edit in time for my next project.

I hope you enjoy!

This is it, my very last poem for the year. Thank you everyone who read. It does not matter to me if you kept up, I just enjoyed your company. I enjoy writing because it is what I like to do. It is my hobby and I will probably never stop. I have written a short (very rough) book this year and a year worth of poetry. My life has been all over the place. I have a lot of plans for next year and may consider doing this again. As my tag line has always said: I hope you enjoy!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I want to make a change in my life
So why not kick it off with the new year
While everyone goes to the gym
I will be eating happily on my couch
Running a marathon sounds easy enough
My training will consist of walking
I hear people will try to use social media less
Well, my goal is to check it at least once an hour
All the bars in my area do not allow smoking
So I better smoke up even more before going
College loans are starting to stack up
But my credit limit is so high right now
I really hate my meaningless job
Maybe I should find a new one after I get fired
There is a new family moving in right next door
And they have a hot daughter my age
My new years resolution is to help others
Who would like to get with me later

I wonder if people are making their new years resolutions. I do have some, but they are not this horrible. I hope everyone makes their resolutions meaningful and helpful.

I hope you enjoy!

Take The Easy Way Out

There is an easy out
Give up and head home
Why do my emotions get the best of me
Every time I come to class
I understand nothing
The teacher is speaking a foreign language
Most days I ask my neighbor for help
I get many mean looks
But none of them are accommodating
I have had someone ask to borrow my notes before
She was cute and the only girl to ever talk to me
When I told her that I did not have any notes
She never spoke to me again
Each quiz I take in this class
I fail miserably
My home is not far
A forty-five minute drive sounds nice
I try to participate as much as possible too
The final exam sounds like it will be hard
I better go talk to my teacher
This is the last week before grades are in

I was not this person while attending college. However, I believe a large population of the student body does this. They do not try and get help before it is too late. There are a ton of resources.

I hope you enjoy!

I'm Almost Done

As time flew by
I think of the time
I have spent here

Each day was the same
Nothing changed
I used three devices

None out weighed the other
All were portable
In their own ways

I enjoyed our late nights
Staying up all hours
To write another after another

I have used everything
All my references
And terrible puns alike

The time is almost up
And it has been a fun ride
Something bigger is next

I cannot believe I am nearly done with this long adventure. I did not write every single day like I should have, but I will write 365 poems in one year. I always caught up when it counted.

I hope you enjoy!

Tigers Over Texas

Tigers over Texas was the plan
We bring in all different kinds of Tigers
From all over the world and show them off
However, when I say Tigers, I meant real ones
Why is someone named Tony here
Who is Dey and why is he throwing a football
Can Calvin please get ahold of that Tiger
Stop this Tiger from jumping everywhere
That Tiger is nothing but a house cat
Get that baseball out of his Paws
Where is the live Tiger we were promised

This sounds like something Texas could mess up. An exhibit asking for popular Tigers and instead, we get fictional ones. Can you name all the references?

I hope you enjoy!

An Upset Stomach

I roasted a pig under my truck
The wife came out and screamed "Oh, Yuck!"
I told her the taste is out of this world
She nearly believed me and let out a hurl

I asked a neighbor if they had any napkins
They did not hear me as I yelled like a captain
My wife was still spilling out all of her guts
The more she sees it, the more I'm out of luck

I flagged down a neighbor coming home from the grocery
I yanked for some bags until they hit me with hosiery
They were not too happy as they told me to get off their lawn
It is time to panic since my wife won't last long

Finally some clothes that were flung in the street
I darted for them stumbling over my own feet
As I arrived a young child yelled to his mother
Who cares what they see, my wife is out of order

I gave my wife some children's clothes I found
She started to vomit even more with a frown
I took the shirt that I gave my poor wife
It smelled like dog shit, that ended my life

I decided to have fun with this one. Sure it is nasty, but it was still fun to write. I hope you do not have a weak stomach when you read this.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, December 30, 2013


The turbulent wind
Pushes me toward the Springtime
Birds can't handle this

Haiku time. I think it has been awhile since I wrote one. I am trying to get better at them.

I hope you enjoy!