Monday, January 21, 2013

An Entertaining Wreck

Two in a row, three for show
Four you know, one to go
How low can you go
When these paved roads
Cause car wrecks to mess up the flow

Two for show, three in a row
Four to go, one you know
The tow truck will lie low
While the people bellow
Cause car wrecks mess up the flow

Two to go, three you know
Four in a row, one for show
Sheeple take the high road
That looks like Van Gogh
Cause car wrecks flow

Two you know, three to go
Four for show, one in a row
Sirens scream and glow
The weather was a tremendous foe
Cause car wrecks


This poem is very odd. I decided to move some words around and use the “oh” sounds throughout the poem. I’m not sure why I did this, but I enjoyed it. Also, the last line diminishes throughout. I hate car wrecks more than anything and cannot believe the fatalities I have heard of recently. Cars are very dangerous when dangerous people are driving.

This is my second update today so I can be caught up. I hope you enjoy!

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