Friday, January 4, 2013

An Unattainable B Major

Why, cry over a girl who denies you
Does nothing but sit beside you and stares, farewell
When the storm carries over, the well will overflow
With emotions, the unknown
It takes so long to realize that love was never there
Where a feather could float on and un-seethe the shade

Instead, let’s fly, higher than a kite
And create a formidable beast with wings
Its beauty will shine, for everyone to see
The beast will never sleep, and be within us all
It walks a tight rope, so tight it won’t ever snap
Unlike the love we once knew, the moment untapped

We, die from the rhythmless night
Where was the beat to catch the beast
Where was the kite in the storm unleashed
Where was the tear that cut through deep
Where was the girl that denied you

By: Casey Lightford


Today, I am submitting a song. I wrote this yesterday, but felt like right now was the perfect time to post it. The only real way for you to get the tune in your head is by finding the song called Dream Sweet in Sea Major by Joe Hawley, from Tally Hall greatness, off his album called Hawaii:Part II (it is the last song on the album, give it a listen and purchase if you enjoy it). When you listen, you will find a part that sounds similar to what I want this song to sound like.
I will update you on something of my recent endeavors. If you remember yesterday’s poem, I wrote about how three things were bothering me. Well, one of those is gone now, so all have is two left. One of those could be gone by Monday, but we shall see in time. Right now, I’m just helping out my family who is in need and trying to help myself succeed in life. Thank you for taking any time reading this and my poetry. I hope you enjoy.

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