Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Every little moment can be taken care of in one action.

A swipe of the screen, a scroll of a bar, a detached attachment.

Instead of avoiding the world, take careful notes;

The moment is right around the corner, the perfect host.

If the protection is down, do not fret,

Since the entire world is safe and well met.

And instead of visiting an unknown site,

Stay within the constraints of the feverish light.

The internet can be one scary place

With all its unintentional faces,

And socializing among the masses,

Can make any moment go in the trash can.

However, drag it out, return it to a safe folder.

Who knows where the place holder could end up?


I think losing the internet and cable made me go a little insane. I do not think I rely too much on it (except when it comes to updating the blog), but with all the recent events, I did need a distraction. Talking, video games, and sleep can only distract you for so long. However, projects such as this can be a great stress reliever and it helps me focus on something else.

Yes, I have my internet back. The battery in our cable box died and we went to replace it. Luckily, it saved us over $100 since Verizon charges and adsorb amount of money for a brand new battery.

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