Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dry Satire

Incredible satire without the nonsense of dry humor
Mixed with a judicial system where sufferers are
The top dog in every which-way conversation

A judge can perceive, persuade, and perpetuate any
Perpetrator that prolongs perpendicular peons playing
Pill poppers pillaging persistent people

Why not ask and receive special treatment when it
Pertains to humorous situations and stillness in one’s
Voice, vernacular and violent tendencies

Take for granted the granite of grading grueling
Guests, gills, and gratitude that was shown in every
Intense instance instead of involving innocence

This judicial system called satire can be as dry as the
drug doing duo and top dog where every which-way
Conversation exceeds the nonsense of sufferers


This was really fun to write. I used so much alliteration that it could make any English student’s head hurt. The second and fourth stanzas were really fun to figure out. I believe many people use dry humor and satire together when it matters most. However, we should not judge the humor if we do not understand it. What may be funny to you may not be funny to me. Take for example “The Room.” How many of you have heard of this hilarious movie? How many of you hate this movie? How many of you would even give it a chance? Check it out, you may be surprised.

I am finally caught up. Yes, I’m nearly an hour late to updating this for yesterday, but I’m glad the poem turned out like I never imagined. I hope you enjoy!

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