Monday, January 7, 2013


I see no direction when reviewing the steps.
I put what where?
I put it down there?
I cannot fare these inconsistencies!

They call them “laymen terms” for a reason,
So why not utilize them?
Do not make me fend
For myself create uneasy tendencies!

It says, “Wrap thoroughly and smooth.”
It could have said “tight” instead.
I probably need to take my meds.
This is getting incredibly handsie!

Where is a technical writer when you need one?


Yesterday, I wrote about writing. Today, I am writing about technical writing. I wanted to be vague until the very end. Who knows what the product is and who cares? If you do not have great instructions, things could get messy. Also, a little technical writing joke was in there. I was told in college never to use “utilize” since it means the same exact thing as “use!” It is a subtle joke, but only technical writers would enjoy it.

Today was a big day for me. I hope to find out what happens later this week. More to come on the development front! I hope you enjoy!

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