Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Internet Dating

Another disappointment, uh oh
The man starts falling after browsing for women
The page says, "click here"
A chat box pops up, but what should he say?
Hello? How's it going? What's your sign?
Only donors with a heavy heart can give out this information

Set an appointment, uh oh
The man starts flirting after finding the woman
He starts off nice and easy,
But things escalate quicker than he imagined
Good night. Sweet dreams. Good luck.
Only egotistical trumpet players can portray sensitivity

Make an announcement, uh oh
The man starts longing after seeing his woman
Each day feels like an eternity
The less he knows, the better the show
Good morning. How's your day? Have I told you?
Only risk takers can make the best situations meaningful

This poem is odd. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I did enjoy making some of the lines in each stanza coincide with the previous stanza. After I came up with the first line of the poem, I just thought of the rest. My mind does seem to be going places every now and then.

This is an update for yesterday. I am one poem behind still, but I will try to update here in a bit. I have been very busy. I had tons of training today and I am worn out. I hope you enjoy!

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