Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Big Brother

My big brother is no stranger to the game of life
He has fought off two terrible twos
He has fought through walls made of paper
He has fought on distant planets

My big brother is no stranger to musical deities
He has played off any fierce competitor
He has played through tears of joy
He has played on no matter the size of the crowd

My big brother is no stranger to common courtesy
He has taken off the value and gave to the needy
He has (been) taken through the good times and bad
He has taken on everyone who challenges him

My big brother is no stranger to being a brother
He has fought off three terrible twos
He has played through tears of pain
He has taken on a brother to help him succeed


This is for my big brother, Javier. He is a great man with a passion I’ve never seen. He is a strong man with willpower that would make athletes seem small. He is one of the best father figures who raised me as his own. I love him with all my heart and wish him the best with whatever comes his way.

I should be going home tomorrow and the internet better be working! It was fixed on Friday, but we have not been home for the past few days to see if it was working without any problems. I am pretty sure it is fixed. Also, the poem from two days ago, I believe I have one more thing to do out of the three. If all goes well, I will be sure to let everyone who reads my blog know. Thanks, I hope you enjoy.

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