Friday, January 11, 2013

Nice to Meet You

Once a day starts, it always has to end
However, you have that one moment
Where time stands still

It happened on the day, where nothing went wrong
Work, boredom, drive, wholesome
A night that could be unforgettable

Introductions were short, but time flies by
When you meet another woman
Who surprises you in every aspect

How was your day? What is your fav?
You don’t say? Questions that have more answers
And more questions that stack on top

It only lasted for a short amount of time
But everything felt longer and in line
This day has to end, but that moment with not


Today was an excellent day. This is a strange poem, mostly free form. It kind of describes my day. I am in a pretty good mood so nothing can get me down. The upcoming weeks can only get better with time. Each time I think about my future, I begin to smile.

Tomorrow, I may be looking for a new place, a new home. I hope it goes by easily, but I know it will be tough in a college town. Wish me luck! I hope you enjoy!

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