Friday, January 25, 2013

Search North

Head North past the playground
You may find what you are looking for
There are some woods
But do not fret for
A foreseer knows you are coming

Ask the questions you have been pondering
About since your childhood
Things that never made sense
Things that were nonexistent
Things that make you ask more questions

After the foreseer speaks, try to get
Past his wild vial that makes monsters
Like you wish things were different
What things will you ask about
What dangers are ahead of you

The foreseer see's all and anyone who
Searches for the foreseer
For see your future is what will happen
Forget the past is what you want to happen
Fulfill your promise and the answers will follow

Who is the foreseer and what is so significant about them? Things happen for a reason, so do not like things get out of hand. Learn from your past mistakes instead of being held back on them. I'm not sure how I wrote this, but part of it is because I looked at some new stuff that says North Texas on it, so I thought about talking about North and went from there.

I'm currently on lunch break so I thought I should update this from yesterday since I've been busy. I'm loving my job and couldn't be happier. I hope you enjoy!

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