Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Clothes That Where You

Written on the wall I find it
Odd that exuberant shawl
Lined with silk and I’m appalled
By everything thing you wear

Take off that hat so I can
Throw is out the window into
The ocean where it belongs
I’m through with it lingering around

What is this on the ground I can see
Why it is laying around to me
You like to be messy when I
Get home from the gym

I’m tired of this attire I try to
Never seem sour and take
Nothing for granted but your
Clothes light a fire under me


I saw a book with the word “wall” written on it so that’s how I got the first line. After that, I wanted something to rhyme with “wall” so I thought of “shawl.” That’s pretty much how this poem came to be. I’m not sure why the person hates these clothes, but they sound nice to me. Weird where my mind runs to when I have zero inspiration.

I’m doing pretty well. I’m back in my hometown tonight where I’m packing. I have a lot most stuff than I ever imagined. The future is bright for me, so watch out World. I will try to update again tonight since this poem is for yesterday. I hope you enjoy!

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