Monday, January 14, 2013

The Fatal Rainbow

Have you ever gone the distance
To see over the rainbow?
Not in search of gold,
But for that one feminine fatal?

The way she speaks has you tongue tied,
The way she moves has you floating high,
The way she stares has you frequently sigh,
The way she is has you say goodbye.

Her eyes are made of limestone,
With a posterior as soft as pillows.
She knows how to flaunt, flirt, and feel
When everything is going right.

Can you withstand the screaming?
The sheer sound of breathing
With another name being called out
Besides your own?

Fear the feminine fatal.
Embrace a suitable suitor.
Laugh at the evenings end.
See over the rainbow.


No inspiration here, I just wrote what I thought. The first line was easy, but I really didn’t want to write about a female. I couldn’t think of another line so I ran with it. I’m happy with the outcome, but it could use some work. I decided to use a lot of alliteration and feel proud about the last stanza.

My adventure is ongoing. Today was very important and everything went better than expected. Sometimes making it just in time is all you need to get where you are going. I’m pretty excited for Wednesday, I just wish it got here sooner. I hope you enjoy!

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