Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Imperfect Storm

Tremendous feats were gained
But momentarily ashamed
The same can be faint of ear

A trembling storm came
Broke every picture frame
And was famed with joyful cheer

The innocent town had financial gain
After the trembling storm sang
Though in contained subtle fear

People started to leave to keep sane
Countless lives lost in this insane
Asylum where everything was crystal clear


The poem first started to be about a tragic event. Then it led me to a catastrophic storm. Finally, I decided to finish it with a twist. This happens with some of the stuff I write. I am random at times, but all of it can be cleared up in the final line. The rhyme scheme is a little weird this time around.

Tomorrow, I will find out something that could either make or break this New Year. Let’s see what happens! I hope you enjoy!

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