Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Man in White

A red street corner is lit with ambient light
Not from the headlights of passing cars
But from a dapper man wearing all white

From his shoes to his vest, he flourished
Clean shaven, hair slick back, a stylish heathen
Any woman would whore themselves at him

He slowly walks around a club and stares
“Why me?” he exclaimed, “Why her?” he arranged
This night would not be his last scare

He approaches the door and pulls out knife
Not just any knife, but one that can slice through a bullet
Laying on the ground is his next victim’s life

The next thing he hears is continuous crying
He puts his knife away and walks out
The red street corner is completely dark
His job is done


After I came up with the first line, the poem just came to me. I believe this poem is pretty vague, but I want everyone to form their own opinion. Who was this man dressed in white and why is it so significant?
I did not have much inspiration for this poem. I just wrote it on my own accord. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would because I believe that first line was very difficult. The next two days will be big for me, wish me luck! I hope you enjoy!

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