Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Numbers Game

Oye that number three, what it does to me.
It drives me insane, it gives me a headache,
Why does thou exist?

Oye that number two, it is perfect for me and you.
It takes one to know one, it makes life much easier,
Why does thou exist?

Oye that number one, it can’t be undone.
It levitates above me, it proclaims it’s the best,
Why does thou exist?

Oye the numbers game, when I think of them
I start to panic, choke up and sigh.
Three can be a hard to handle,
Two can be you in shambles,
And one can be attainable with time.

Oye that number three, look what you did to me.


Three is a very powerful number when you think about it. Many three worded phrases are hard to say and can be scary. My number three just so happens to be all about my life. In every aspect, numbers can surround you (I would go into a rant, but being vague is fun). These three things I am dealing with are tough, but with persistence and patience, I believe everything will turn out ok. I can only wait, but accepting that is one of the hardest things to do right now.

I am heading out of town tonight, but I thought I could leave this blog with an Ode; in this case, an Oye. I will do my best to update over the next few days, but they might have to be short. I guess it could give me a chance to write a Haiku or something. Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope you enjoy.

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