Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Persistent Tie

A tie is a tie unless worn by a gentleman
Who wears it proudly, confidently and loudly
Strips going every which way
Dots making an impressionist statement
Goofy characters prancing away
Solid as a rock and sturdy pavement

A color is a color unless shown proudly on the tie
Black can be formal
Red can be pride
Green can be playful
Blue can be shy

What kind of tie do you wear?

I am updating from work real quick. I thought of this while sitting around and observing people. I have worn a tie for two days now and thought I should write about ties. I'm not sure if this completely done, but it goes to show how random I can be.

I apologize for not updating yesterday. This is for yesterday and I will have another later tonight. I've been really busy. Yesterday, I had to cook dinner and buy some groceries all while having a great night. I hope you enjoy!

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