Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two Party People

A night of desire, solitude, and readiness
What a delicious pot of ingredients
The celebration was only the beginning
And the night was still young

More guests arrive, and start to fill out
Two people in the crowd walk about
Chatting ferociously, laughing hysterically
Holding hands until the very end

The longer the party lingered, the more
Time the two people hung on every word
After the drinks have been drunk
After the party goers go
The two people have fun on their own


I should have updated this yesterday, but I was extremely busy. I had a party to attend and a celebration was in order. It was a wonderful night with many exciting people. It was easily one of the best nights I had this year; I’ve been having a lot of those good days recently.

Today is a day that starts my new journey. Tuesday I will start a new job; I’m pretty excited. I hope you enjoy!