Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is Song

Incorporate a song within a song
What do you get?
A songception? A new perception?
A misguided intellection that makes the song sound brand new?

Change one note within a song
What do you get?
A new interpretation? A different situation?
A misinterpreted progression that makes the song sound like a carbon copy?

Exchange your lyrics within a song
What do you get?
A parody? A subtle hilarity?
A flawed heresy that makes the song not your own but gimmicky?

Everything in music has been done in some shape or form
The formality issues never seem to be uniformed
Uniformity will never cease to amaze the artist
Artistry is what makes music have a voice

I do feel this way about music most days. We have all heard a song incorporated into another song. For example, many hip-hop/rap artist love using samples from other musicians. It is not a big deal, but only if they pull it off correctly. Changing one note in the song can date back to the Queen/Vanilla Ice debacle. Finally, exchanging your lyrics in a song that was written by someone else is pretty much all that Weird-Al does. Everything has been done before when it comes to music. Go back and listen to some of the most well known classical pieces and you may understand a little better.

I decided to write one more poem today to get all caught up! I think this one turned out alright. It was fun to speak my mind more so than write a poem in a way. I do feel this way a lot of the time when it comes to music. Well, I hope you enjoy!

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