Sunday, January 20, 2013


A day, a day, a day
Bombay, Bombay, Bombay
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Touché, touché, touché

Wordplay can be fun when
Staring at a piece of paper
Words are like butter when
Spread evenly on parchment

When multiple pages arise
They resemble the bread
Each piece of text can be
A different topping

Pickles act like sour words
Ham provides the beef in stories
Lettuce is definitely the article
Cheese brings out cheesy moments

Wordplay is fun
Words are like toppings
Pages are like bread
Writing is like sandwiches


I apologize for being late again. This is a post for yesterday. Being busy is busy. I really enjoyed writing this. At first, I was just going to rhyme everything, then it led me to talking about wordplay, which then led me sandwiches and writing; I wish I could have named more toppings though.

My life couldn’t be better right now. I am happy with everything. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. This is too cute :) its good! Good job :) makes me want a sandwich now :p