Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Deceiving Truck

I'm in a pinch
Where salt will never cure my fall
I clawed my way out of hell
And dwell on any fruitful bird call

This should all go without a hitch
But I cannot tow this heavy load
To the next destination
I need a vacation across the devilish road

Listen to my perfect pitch
When I sing among the homeowners
A beautiful tone that insists
To be shown to all the blood donors

I needed to update my blog, so why not update it with a very vague poem? To be honest, I had nowhere to go with it, so instead, I used imagery to describe some things. In a way, you can relate each stanza to something real. I like to think that this poem is about a very deadly truck. Yeah, that's it.

I will hopefully have time around my lunch to do some updating. I apologize for getting behind, but I just moved into my new place, I have no internet as of now (hopefully I'll have some later today), and I have just been busy. I hope you enjoy!

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