Monday, February 25, 2013

A Lost Hope

Have you ever trained diligently where
The World never met you and your Hope
You lost Hope to play that instrument
You lost Hope to game
You lost Hope in general
This oddity can come at a moments notice when
You start to play a recital and quit midway
You start up a game and quit when covered in shade
You start up in general and quit
Once your Hope gets going, you tend to stop
Quitting is the name of your game
And it is a real shame that someone can be so famed
Quit everything and still have people cower in fear
The hypocrisy developed by you makes younger generations
Lose Hope at a faster rate
You make A New Hope have no real purpose
You make What Dream May Never Come
You make Bob roll over in his grave
Do yourself a favor and find Hope

I'm not sure where this come from. The more I wrote, the more I wanted to incorporate "A New Hope" so I did. I thought of other movies that would be fun to put in there, but I kept it short and sweet. Two movies that deal a lot with hope. I guess I could have incorporated "Patch Adams" if I wanted to...

I hope you enjoy!

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