Friday, February 8, 2013

An Assortment of History

Is it any wonder when a wonderless situation
Becomes relevant again
Where the boutique shops blossom with
Feral children needing, wanting the next antique
The older the purchase, the more history evolves
And generation after generation is involved with
An odd assortment of goods
Buy a doll missing its eye or that can with rye
Written on every other side
Remember when sports memorabilia were
All the rage and cards were more collectable
But deteriorated with age
Pez dispensers always collected dust
Yet the product still exist and collectors fuss
About which year, how many, and why
Why does history keep repeating
Old products leave, new products enter
However, each product comes back in some
Shape or form where people enjoy purchasing
An odd assortment of goods

Second poem of today. This one can be considered as a Free Verse poem, which is just another way of saying Open Form poetry. I'm sure many people have been to antique shops. They are fun to browse around in and you never know what you will find. Near me, they have two amazing shops that I like to adventure in. It is weird how antiques interest me, but I believe many people feel the same as I do.

Work is slow today, but I am studying real hard and taking notes. I hope you enjoy!

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