Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clean Up On Cloud Nine

The shoe click clacks (Nike brand)
While the bag stacker stacks (brown slacks, maroon shirt)
Whip whack, a whip back (crick in the neck)
A car crash into the grocery store (blue Camry)
People immediately yell (30 people)
While a ringing bell (fire alarm)
Goes on like a customers cell (iPhone 4s)
The retail store may not see a customer in ages (Mom and Pop's Groceries)
Everyone seemed okay (it's the end of the World)
Except for the driver who was in disarray ($40 suit, $20 shoes, $10 haircut, 5 drinks of whiskey)
He exits the vehicle and starts to sway (broken nose, bruised ribs, dislocated finger)
While hitting the ground he says: cleanup on aisle nine (cloud nine)

Not sure what this is, probably more so experimental poetry than anything. I had fun writing it and it took me by the halfway point to include the stuff in parenthesis. Not sure why I wanted to include it except for the visual aspects I suppose. I believe a reader will feel more involved if they know the little details that may not be important.

I hope you enjoy!

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