Thursday, February 28, 2013


When the door closes, where does the next open
Under a bridge, through the seams, in an outlook inbox
I check my mail everyday, anxious for opportunities
Jobs appear to have slowed down in my years of experience
No matter how often they say, "We like your spunk"
There is always a catch 22, a thirst never quenched
The main question that arises, "Where is your degree"
Though I have over 20 years of experience in my field
A degree is the sword and my experience is a shield
If obtaining both was stressed back in '83, I wouldn't be jobless
With only my shield to protect me for so long
The mighty sword could cut down other applicants
Applicants with more "spunk" who enjoy spelunking
Around for every job on the market
No matter how long the bridge is or how small the seams
They get the jobs meant for me
I've heard the old horse cliche, but being knocked down
Seems like the best way to stay bound to my soul

I had fun writing this one. I feel as if a job is so meaningful and it is hard to find one in our economy. I have been lucky coming out of college, and I'm happy with where I am, but it was hard. Stress did come into play, but knowing the right people did help. Today is the day I start my real job, let's how it goes well.

I will try to be up-to-date after today. I hope you enjoy!

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