Thursday, February 28, 2013

Digital Paper

How often do we write in this digital age
Where electronics rule us until our dying day
Programmable tombstones, unatural internet desires
It's hard to suggest when PC gamers should shower
If we want to leave our unworldly life
Turn on a TV or go to the IMAX at night
While technology is all fun and games
Identity theft is seriously profane
Remember your 14,000 passwords
Or else be compromised by anonymous hackers
Shout out your disgruntleness in all caps
But relax since most people will change your facts
This information could be usuful
For young teenagers who are not fruitful
They enjoy talking with others about sex
With the opposite, obscene, and illegal through text
How often do we write in this digital age
I wrote this poem on a piece of paper

This seems to be very scattered, but it was fun writing on a piece of paper again. I haven't written a poem of some sort on paper in a long time. Normally, I use my computer or phone when I write stuff down. Most of the time, they are notes too instead of full length poems. The digital age is scary, so beware! Oh wait, you are reading this online, so maybe it isn't so scary?

I hope you enjoy!

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