Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Game Over

What's a loser without a game?
What's a poser without a game?
What's a practice without a game?
What's a master without a game?
That is life; entitled "Game."
Each piece moves to specific destinations
And your destiny is laid out before you
Which route do I take?
Which room should enter?
Unfathomable questions that need answers
Take the stairs that lead to the escape
Take the key for easy access irate
Take the sword, it's dangerous to go alone
There is an ungodly amount of life on the line
When it comes to the "Game"
Second chances act like 1-ups
Use them wisely or else "Game Over"

Free verse poem asking questions about the "game" of life. I thought this was pretty fun to write. I think it could have been better if I didn't take such a long break from writing (I had a meeting), but it does get my point across.

I hope you enjoy!

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