Monday, February 11, 2013

His Plan

The joyous tears stream down her eyes like wings
Fluttering in the distance and swarming
Around a cove where angels soar and sing
About a whimsical man in mourning.

The man was proud and enjoyed his light weight.
He carried his herd of frolicking sheep
And led them through a mysterious fate,
Where only demons and lords know such feat.

One sheep fell through a boarded up tunnel;
He wants to escape his hellish nightmare.
The man starts to bolt into this funnel.
His sheep must be close and conjures prayer.

The woman is approached by a strange man.
He dries her tears, it was part of His plan.

This is my attempt at an Shakespearean Sonnet. These are not easy and I was writing on the fly. Overall, I believe it came out alright, but it could probably use some editing here and there. I believe it is true to the form as well (abab, cdcd, efef, gg with ten syllables per line and iambic).

This is three for today, only a few more to go! I hope you enjoy!

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