Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jazz Hound

Unwrap your conscious and stare
Directly into my soul
Your eyes can play tricks on you
Listen to my Thelonious Monk and Nat King Cole

How I love the sound of jazz when
You walk through those doors
The spotlight hits you and
My soul does flips and I leave those whores

Before you belt and let out
A tremendous sound
I like to take a deep breath and
Listen to the meandering crowd

That man said, "Well isn't that something"
A woman yelled, "Belt that something"
The others start to chime in
As if this performance meant nothing

I hear you loud and clear with
My heart dying on your every sound
Can this be real life
Or am I just a jazz hound

I haven't updated in a couple days, so be prepared for a lot today! I had no idea where this came from, but I guess it came from my head? I do enjoy Jazz music and hope to visit New Orleans some day. I used to play it back in high school, but I was never that great. When you find the perfection instrument among a band, it can be absolutely amazing.

I'm currently in my home town right now. As always, I'm pretty busy, but I hope to update periodically; better than I have. This blog is much harder than it seems, but my mind is always open for new poetry. I hope you enjoy!

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