Thursday, February 28, 2013


London Bridge is falling down
London calling to the faraway towns
I'm lonely in London and London is lonely so
We were in London
London half-life
Somebody's party in a London flat
Upon the dirty ground of London town
London's burning with boredom now
I don't want to be here in your London dungeon
In London, you're a goner
A London boy, oh a London boy
But I got, London in the rain
Last train to London, just leaving town

I believe this could be considered experimental poetry. Technically, none of this is written by me, but I did arrange them in a weird order. Each line is from a different song that talks about London. I thought it was random that I thought about doing this, but I think it came out nicely. I could have had more bands, but I think I get what I want out. The playlist is below:

London Bridge is Falling Down
London Calling - Clash
London, London - Caetano Veloso
London - Pet Shop Boys
London - Metric
London - Third Eye Blind
London Town - Paul McCartney
London's Burning - Clash
London Dungeon - Misfits
London Homesick Blues - Kinky Friedman
London Boys - David Bowie
London In The Rain - Jeff Beck
Last Train to London - Electric Light Orchestra

I hope you enjoy!

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