Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not Enough Answers

Comrade, are you in waiting?
What news plagues you?
A new born you say?
(How precious...)
What news of your wife?
She's stable at least?
How long?
(I'm sorry...)
Do you know his name yet?
Which grandparent?
On your side?
(Continue the legacy...)
What do you mean run?
What is that in your hand?
Take cover?
(Bombs away...)
Comrade, where are you?
Can you hear me?
Why did this happen?

With all of the stuff about soldiers lately, I thought I would write about one. I wonder if people who ask too many questions like this get on the nerves of fellow comrades? I think this would be more of an experimental poem only because of how many questions I have and the parenthesis. The thoughts of the other soldier opens your eyes a bit, I believe.

I will update another poem soon. I have been busy as usual. Sunday is the day where I start my life anew in a way. I am pretty excited, but really, I hate moving. I hope you enjoy!

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