Monday, February 25, 2013

One foot, two foot, three foot, four.

One foot, two foot, three foot, four.
What kind of foot do you adore?
A little foot, big foot, narrow foot, or
A flat foot, no foot, you want more?
A timely foot, simple foot, hit the floor.
A shy foot, ugly foot, crushed by a door.
A lying foot, dying foot, from a world war.
A shining foot, diet foot, by the seashore.
A laughing foot, folly foot, never a bore.
A hairy foot, shaved foot, always a chore.
Did you find what you were looking for?

I'm not sure why I get behind so much, but this time, I hope to catch up. This is about feet, not sure why... I thought of the "Red fish, blue fish..." Dr. Seuss story and went from there. Feet can be an oddity to most people. I'm not a huge fan of feet, but they get us to where we are going at least.

I have been pretty busy. My place is finally all clean, not if only it would smell clean 24/7. I believe based on its age, it could take awhile for it to smell like I want it to. Overall, I'm enjoying the place. I have darts tonight, so that should be very fun. I hope you enjoy!

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