Monday, February 4, 2013

Picking The Write Words

A pickle picker plucks purple people pungent to people-eating creatures
While people-eating creatures create constant chaos confusing other liaisons.
The liaisons lean left like little levees lurking over lifting brutish boxes
And each brutish box became bitter bumbling bees because mystical magicians.
Magical mystical magicians might meander through misty malleable woods
But would wood wait when willpower wants wacky well-oiled pickles?
A pickle plucks purple people pickers pungent to people-eating creatures.

One more update for today. SO MUCH ALLITERATION! This was really hard since I had no idea what to write really. I think it turned out...weird, but that's fine with me. I especially like what I did with the final line if you really look at it.

Lunch is almost over, therefore, back to work. I hope you enjoy!

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