Monday, February 11, 2013


Stare up at the stars and what do you see?
Possibly an airplane or a Frisbee?
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
Try finding a boxer like Muhammad Ali.
Boxer or briefs? A question for a marquis.
All the kings men sank in the black sea.
Watch me swim, explained the banshee.
Not in your wildest dream, demanded the Judas tree.
Slappin' the bass like a hesitant Flea,
Rappin' in place like Talib Kweli,
Runnin' around like an illegal deportee,
Eatin' enough chocolate from Nestle.
Stare up at the stars and what do you see?
Nothing at all, except for that random tree.

Rhyming can be so fun and hard at the same time. I decided to base this poem off the complete randomness in most young kids minds. As you can see, I covered the basics: music, flying, swimming, and illegal immigrants. Life is full of randomness, it just matters if you think about it as much as me.

Well, I'm all caught up. I hope to update again tonight, but it will depend on how I feel after my darts competition tonight. I did well last time, let's see if I can keep it up! I hope you enjoy!

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