Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Days of the Week

That day, it comes
When you least expect it
The end of the world is tomorrow
But then you accept it

Tomorrow is Monday
A mundane day

The next is Tuesday
A tyrant of days

The following is Wednesday
A willingness implores

It is finally Thursday
A thirst for more

Friday is here
Finally, the finale

Saturday approaches
Sleep long days and pleasant nights

Sunday happens
Seeing is believing

It's Monday again
A mundane day

Don't you just hate some of these days? Today has not been a great day for me, but I'm getting through it the best I can. I still have a long while until this day ends, but tomorrow, by my poem, will have lots of willingness right? Sigh, I wish it was the weekend already.

Yesterday, I had my first competition with my darts crew. I believe I played well and it seems like that yesterday night was so great that today just had to be bad or something. Oh, how I loath some days. I hope you enjoy!

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