Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Old Lady Break Dance

I walk into town and what do I see
A superficial woman clapping with her feet
I ask her what's up and she tentatively replies
I've fallen and I can't get up

Well, I pick her up and gave her a smile
She shock back a translucent style
"Ay man, thanks for the hand
If you didn't come by, I would still be on the land"

I grimaced and asked how she fell
Instead of a reply, she showed me the tale
She broke dance, right on the ground
I was impressed, this was profound

She did c-walk, and even walked on the moon
This break dancing woman was all about the opportun-ity
Before she bellowed over on top of her head
Her spinning was atrocious so danced instead

I showed her the ropes of how to spin
This is like spin class without the moral sin
I maneuver and shudder without blundering over
I could tell she was impressed not thinking I'm a poser

She helped me up and wanted to know
"How did you get down so low?"
Instead of appeasing to her simple question
I decided to rhyme my confession

"I decided as a young boy I would dance
And freelance whenever I get the chance
My education did me right, but I'm not ashamed
Of the fact of the matter is I'm attended for fame"

Without another step or single word uttered
The woman cried and reminded me of my mother
She gave me hug and said proudly
"I wish you were my son" she said loudly

We walk away from this interesting situation
Without looking back for limitless expectation
That old lady was cool and smooth as butter
The only problem is she reminded me of my mother

This was fun! I had no idea where this was going, but wouldn't it be cool to see an old lady break dancing in the streets? I'll be honest, I want to learn how to dance certain styles, but I'm always too shy to try. Maybe someday that I will change.

I hope you enjoy!

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