Friday, March 8, 2013

A Stuffed Animal's Dream

A fulfillment of dreams escaped from a bottle
Shame was poured in, shaken in full throttle
The masses may believe in another idol
But one boy resides and starts to coddle

A tiny version of his hero, a magnificent specimen
The stuffed animal you couldn't imagine, pessimism
The boy stares deeply into its eyes
And speaks to it, nothing but lies

The boy proclaims he is the King of the Jungle
Rules over all young boys, but always humble
Anyone who stands in his way shall perish
Except for his mother who is the fairest

In the land of the living, the boy dismisses
Anything his stuff animal premises
All the stuff animal can do is stare
And wonder what happens when it endures a tear

What is this stuff animal? Is it everyone's stuff animal? Did you ever talk to your stuff animals? I believe many kids might do this, but may not realize when they are young. I had fun writing this and thought of a movie called "King of the Jungle." It was an old flick with John Leguizamo in it.

I hope you enjoy!

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