Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blue Shoes

Blue Shoes steps out of the blue Sedan
Blue Shoes wears ironed blue slacks
Blue Shoes has a new sleek blue belt
Blue Shoes would never wear black

Blue Shoes enjoys his tailored blue shirt
Blue Shoes flaunts his blue buttons
Blue Shoes wishes he could blue his face
Blue Shoes is a dime a dozen

Black Shoes approaches Blue Shoes
Black Shoes yells at Blue Shoes
Black Shoes steps all over Blue Shoes
Black Shoes walks away from Blue Shoes

Blue Shoes sheds a single tear
Blue Shoes blue shoes catches water
Blue Shoes slowly walks to his desk
Blue Shoes was late to work

I was listening to 1310 The Ticket this morning and the word "blue" kept being said. I believe that inspired me to write about "Blue Shoes." As you can tell, that is their nickname and they really love blue. It is also appropriate to say that I was nearly late for work so that inspired the ending. I was not yelled at or anything (boss is out today anyway), but when someone is feeling blue, they may shed some tears.

I hope you enjoy!

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