Monday, March 11, 2013

Get Away

Reluctant and jarring
Filled with remorse
A steady course
Never short
Long trips
Steady wind
Increasing speeds
Parallel lines secedes
The course gets curvy
Hills start flying from
Left to right polite
Policemen staring
Keep constant
Speed slow
Get passed
Speed up at last
Where the sirens sing
Never filled with remorse
They follow you until the end
Of the course where the cliff falls
Off until oblivion and there is no going
Back to that pavilion where you decided
To cut off another citizen and they crashed
Into a loft where they are unconscious and you
Are the villain who almost got away until you drop
The police gets their man
Locks him up in prison
Reluctant and jarring
No working piston
A steady course
Start missing
No trips

Update here, but not sure how many today. This little bit of experimental poetry is about a man on the run. I made the lines as to show his speeds while driving. I think it is pretty cool, they look like hills to me.

I've been pretty busy. New couches in the new place and one of them should not have fit, but my friends and I made it work. I feel a sore throat coming on, I hope I feel better soon. I hope you enjoy!

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