Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Jerk, a word that has many forms:
Call me a Jerk and see what happens.
Don't Jerk the car you Jerk or I'll flatten you!
Why do your muscles Jerk from left to right?
You remember that soda Jerk from last night?
Jamaican Jerk wings, don't mind if I do.
Everyone do the Jerkin' in the streets at noon.
The Jerk with Steve Martin is an instant classic.
The House episode The Jerk had tons of traffic.
Before you clean and Jerk, make sure you stretch.
I love that Jerkin' the gherkin sketch.
No matter how many ways Jerk can be used,
Most men will be abused by the word Jerk.

I'm not sure how I thought of the word "Jerk." I think I was looking at some Jergens lotion and thought the word "Jerk" for some reason. After thinking about the word, I remember it having many meanings and references, so I decided to play off a list. I believe this is list poetry, but I cannot remember.

I hope you enjoy!

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