Friday, March 22, 2013

Jocks Have It Easy

A tisket a tasket
Where is my lurking basket case
She never seems to go away
Unless an estrange stalker appears
It is super effective
Between a basket case and stalker
My life is pretty complete
I have two woman who chase me
However, they never liked each other
Both have so much in common
They follow me to my locker
Scrum the trash for my scraps
Take pictures when I'm not looking
Is this an obsession
Yes, it is
However, is it wrong for me to be
Obsessed with their obsession of me
It is all in good fun, right
While they hate each other
I love each one of them
My two followers make my day
Fulfill my dreams
And never go away

The Breakfast Club popped in my head when I was writing this. I know that jocks can be weird, but this guy enjoys the obsession. He isn't in love with the women, but wants them to love him. It is a very strange situation.

I know many of my poems as of late are free verse, but it is only because I have so many to catch up on. It is hard to do real forms when you are this behind. I hope you enjoy!

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