Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pen Me

To throw a pen is like throwing a javelin
Distance doesn't matter, but listen to it twirl
The mighty pen can be a sword, my Excalibur
Though getting it stuck in paper is easily fixed
Compared to a giant ass rock, such bliss
If you leave the top off, it may dry out
Like a desert, a cotton ball, an open mouth
The ink can matter, if antimatter wasn't real
Black and blue is professional
Red is devastating and can deviate from words
One slash here, two slashes back
Hit a paperball with a penbat
When using a pen, use an imagination
Pens can be fun, said no pencil ever

I started writing this yesterday, so it seems a little different than what it could have been I believe. I was starring at my pen and thought about it, so I wrote about it. I hope I can catch up on here, since this is getting harder and harder the further I get behind.

I hope you enjoy!

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