Friday, March 8, 2013

The Old Cowhand and His Horse With No Name

A tall tale about a cowhand and his horse with no name
The cowhand never travels without his horse with no name

A belligerent calf follows his mother to the plains
He ropes Australian cattle on his horse with no name

Before stumbling out of the house without his liquor
He brings out shots of tequila for his horse with no name

The coyotes yip, jackrabbits jump, and roadrunners run
From the exuberant cowhand and his horse with no name

The old cowhand imagines roaming the Rio Grande
With his trusty companion, known as his horse with no name

This is considered a Ghazal Poem. I'm pretty poor at this style, but I tried my best. Each line should have the same amount of syllables and you end the lines with a repeating line in the first stanza and in the following stanzas, it ends on the second line; mine was "his horse with no name." If you haven't heard them yet, there are two songs that remind me of each other: "I'm An Old Cowhand from the Rio Grande" (I prefer Harry Connick Jr. singing it) and "A Horse With No Name." I had fun writing this, but it did take a long time.

I hope you enjoy!

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