Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To Be Sick or Not To Be Sick

To be sick or not to be sick.
Asked nobody ever!
It is not about being sick
As much as I am sick of being sick.
Getting down with the sickness
Is for metalheads.
But being sick is a different ballgame.
This can remind you why
You love BASEketball since you are at home
Sitting on your couch
Watching the glorious movie.
Then you ponder, what if I did this?
What if in my sickness, I made a game.
A game better than that game.
A game that includes not only the
Baseball and Basketball elements,
But how about Football too.
You then realize fast how much you care.
The sickness has taken over you and all
You want to do is sleep.
Stay covered up.
Watch the sheep slip into your dreams.
Waking up every now and then
Blowing your brains out.
Not with a shotgun, but with a deadly weapon
A Kleenex.

I'm not feeling super well, so I wrote this. It was fun and pretty random. I feel like I could give this as a speech if I had to, but that's because I'm crazy.

I hope you enjoy!

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