Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beer Me

Once a dog brought me a beer. The beer was delicious, but the teeth marks made drinking the beer nearly impossible. The corgi pierced through the red tin can. Beer was pouring out from all sides where the insignificant corgi bit into. Those tiny hole punches seeped of a yellow haze; not fully clear nor tasteful. When drinking out of the top, beer spewed onto my white shirt. While it did not bother me, it did bother the patrons at the party. I guess I should have worn a bra.

I wanted to make a humorous prose poem. I wish I knew dogs that could bring people beer. That would be great. I believe choosing a corgi and calling it insignificant brings up many ideas towards this poem. I tried to make it a little vague, but I wanted to be somewhat descriptive.

I hope you enjoy!

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