Monday, April 22, 2013

[Blank] is Trending

A trending topic is trending
My clothes are always trending
My shoes are always trending
My swag is always trending
YOLO is always trending

Hashtag after hashtag, everything is trending
When I hear a bird chirp, I think of twitter
My addiction is like a band named Jane
Drops of Jupiter never cease the rain

The newest youtube video is out and it's trending
It could be the next Afro Ninja or Tay Zonday
Rewind, fast-forward to the best part
Each video is inspiring, a real piece of art

Some trending days can be a tragedy in the making
Trending relevant news topics so devastating
The question is not how, where, why, or when
Staying informed is the reason we go out and trend

With all the events going on lately, I find it appropriate to talk about trending. Anything can trend on Twitter. From news about bands coming back, to the newest youtube sensation and even tragic events. Twitter is actually my main source for news if you can believe that. I wish Facebook never existed and all we had was Twitter some days.

I hope you enjoy!

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