Friday, April 12, 2013

Compose, Compromise, Complete and Application

Compose a compromise that completes the application
Compose the application and complete the compromise
Compose complete and the application is compromised
A compromise is composed of a completed application
A compromise is completed and composed by the application
A compromise is an application that is composed completely
A complete compromise is composed by the application
A complete application was compromised prior to composing
A complete composed application is compromised
The application is composed of a compromise that needs completing
The application is a compromise that was completely composed of
The application is completely compromised upon composed

Experimental poetry at its best. Pretty much, rewording things can show different meanings. It is weird to look at it this way, but many people in poetry like to make words appear in different places as a strategy. I had no strategy here, which makes it different.

I hope you enjoy!

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