Monday, April 15, 2013

Director's Choice

A virtual reel was brought to life thanks to the directors eyes
His vision to make this film was never defiled by the studio heads
An R rating sufficed, but it was a soft R since it included rhetoric devices
In which a man preaches to a choir about racism in the community
While heavy gun fire rains over the cathedral hall and St. Mary herself gazes in amazement
This is not the first film the director has done where whole hearts explode out the chest (figuratively and metaphorically)
As the days pass, premiere day was imitate, reviewers were tearing the movie apart
The director is soft spoken about his stylistic approach, but he does not fret
This movie will be his masterpiece stringed together with well met eyes among his colleagues
The only problem is his colleagues are not a fan of gore and happen to be under the age of 13

Yes, a young directors dream. Create a film not suitable for a certain audience. Getting your name out there is the hardest part, but if you do, you can make it big in the industry. Many Texas directors are among the best. Who will be next?

I hope you enjoy!

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