Friday, April 19, 2013

Doggie Drive Thru

The songbird creates a melody. A melody dictates your song. Your song is, honestly, terrible. What on God's green Earth would you sing at 4 in the morning? I am still asleep, dreaming of the perfect woman. When she opened her mouth, all I hear is tweet, tweet, tweet. Well, here is a tweet for you: SHUT UP! Better yet, let me update my status: "Birds need to shut up between the hours of 10 pm - 10 am" (I wonder how many likes I will get for that). 12 hours of quite, is that so bad? I would hope not since I need my beauty sleep along with my dog. Once you wake up him, it's game over man. He barks nonstop and will not go back to sleep until he gets his meal. Why can't we have a tiny drive through for dogs to go to like us humans? They can go out the doggie door, to a tiny dog fast food restaurant, get some food with bones as payment. Maybe I should invest in this... THANKS BIRDS FOR GIVING ME A GREAT IDEA!

Prose poems can be fun, but long. At first, it was supposed to be about a song. Then it went to a angry person who hates birds for chirping. Finally, it ended up being about a great idea! Wouldn't that be cool? A doggie drive thru? Someone should get on that...

I hope you enjoy!

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