Monday, April 15, 2013

Loud Bar Patrons

Loud bar patrons stay 20 minutes longer than expected. Before they hit the streets, they hit the bottom of our floor, oozing with enthusiasm. All I hear is mumbling while I yell if they are ok to drive. Instead of calling a cab, I let them out slowly, hoping to see their business again someday. Cleaning up their mess, a receipt is sticking out. It reads: "Unfortunately, I tried to drink myself to death. I apologize for putting this on your conscious but if you see me again, that will be a miracle."

I run outside as fast as I can hoping he has not gone too far. I take one step outside and trip over an unconscious body; the fellow bar patron puked his guts out. I picked him up and took him in. His business will always be mine.

I wrote this while at a bar the other day. Not sure why, but it could have been because we stayed 20 min after closing at a delicious pub. None of this happened that night, as far as I know.

I hope you enjoy!

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