Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Magic Carpet Ride

Bling, bling
Goes my chain when it flickers in the light
I work on a chain gang with such delight
At its height, I'm ridiculous when it comes to the law
I'm a law biting citizen who barks like a wild dog
Because shit hits the fan when you come listening
I run out the door before all the heads are splitin'
Dodge some cops like I was blitzing
They're the O-line and pissing in their pants
Off comes the shoes and now I'm in socks
I like to pop and lock, but now isn't the time
If a stop for a moment, I'll be sure to get caught
This ought to be easy, stupid overweight cops
I run into the sewer and what did I find
A little street fight who was mighty fine
At stealin', dealin' and singin too
Take me on a magic carpet ride with ya boo

I funny very short rap about random things. I believe the man is on the run...

I hope you enjoy!

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